Rappan Athuk

Veteran of a Thousand Psychic Wars..

“As I was saying positive thoughts will go along way.. Once if you can believe it I was just a lowly human.. I mean I’ve seen things.. Terrible things.. Heck I can remember when I found my girlfriend Kaori in the embrace of another squad mate. Those things change a man, that and the brain worms. " He tapped the pulsating veins along his temples.. “But I moved on.. and now look at me I’m surrounded by a bevy of beautiful woman.. Positive Thoughts my man send them out into the universe and the universe will return them three times.”

The bartender winced as the waves of psychic feedback washed over him. Everybody winced as they listened. Another byproduct of his phenomenal psychic powers, he was always the center of everybody’s attention. What a gift.

“Now negative thoughts.. They’re different.. it only returns if the poor recipient lives through it all..”


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